Text Back Your Ex: Does It Work?

Breaking up with a loved one can be devastating and in a bid to help us cope with the pain, many will go to any great lengths and try just about anything if it means a chance to get back with our ex.

So does this new concept and theory of text messaging actually work and win our ex round? For some yes it does, it really does work. But there are also those who have failed as far as texting their ex back goes. So what went wrong?

Without doubt there is a process to it all and a few simple steps that you really should take when it comes to trying your hand at texting back your ex. It’s normal that after splitting up our emotions are still quite raw, so maybe sending a text the day after the break up is not quite a good idea. Surely it would be a lot more effective if we play it cool and give ourselves some time in which to do just that and cool down.

Taking some time to think about what we want to achieve will pay off and prevent you from writing off a possible reunion. The first text messages need to be well thought out and leave a positive impression. The last thing you need is to come over desperate and insecure as this will only result in your message going straight to the delete message option. If you want your texts to work you need to read up on the information out there about how to text back your ex. It has been tried and tested that text messaging can work but in order to get anywhere you need to make sure you are doing all the right things and ultimately texting all the right words.

Win Your Ex Back With a Text

A new way to win back you ex, that is becoming increasingly popular, is that of texting back your ex. More and more heart broken singles are trying their luck at texting in a bid to relight the flame of a broken relationship.

When all else fails and you can’t pluck up the courage to make a call then why not try sending a text. It doesn’t have to be anything long winded, just a few words in a short and simple text that shows your ex that yes you are thinking of them, yes you still love them and yes you want them back.

Of course, knowing what to text and when to text can be a problem but it doesn’t have to be a dilemma. As long as you give yourself enough time to really think about what you want to say and what message you want to get across to your ex then you will have tried with the best of intentions. A well thought out first text could make all the difference and rekindle the romance you thought was lost.

For those who are not used to the text medium, there is no need to despair as there are now many books available on how to text your ex back. Such books provide an insight on how to compose a successful text without appearing desperate. They teach you how to pace your texts and reel in your ex by using the appropriate wording that has maximum effect.

So, when you are a loss for words verbally why not give texting a go and win back your text with the click of a button? Texting back your ex has worked for others, surely it is worth seeing if it might work for you.


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